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DAY ONE - MAY 1st, 2024

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Panel topics include digital transformation, latest technology trends, AR & VR, data management and security, digital twins, smart buildings, precincts & cities.

Digital Construction Australia

The educational workshop covers topics including collaborative design techniques, digital twins, data analytics, technologies for site safety, smart building management, and cyber security.

10:00 am -  Collaboration and Integration in Digital Construction: Lessons Learned from Major Infrastructure Projects

11:00 am - The Role of Digital Twins in Infrastructure Projects: Opportunities and Challenges

12:00 pm - Digital Construction in Transportation: Innovations and Best Practices

1:00 pm - Latest Technologies in Commercial Construction: A Roadmap for Implementation

2:00 pm - Building Smart Cities through Digital Construction

3:00 pm - Digital Transformation of the Construction Industry: Opportunities and Challenges for Commercial Projects

4:00 pm - Building Australia's Future through Digital Construction: Opportunities and Challenges

10:00 am - Collaborative Design in Digital Construction: A Workshop on Tools and Techniques

11:00 am - Building Digital Twins: A Workshop on Applications and Benefits for Construction Projects

12:00 pm - Data Analytics for Construction: A Workshop on Collecting, Analysing and Utilising Data for Construction Projects

1:00 pm - Introduction to Robotics and Automation in Construction: Case Studies

2:00 pm - Innovative Technologies for Construction Site Safety: Implementation and Case Studies

3:00 pm - Digital Construction and Design Thinking: A Workshop on Enhancing Creativity and Innovation in Construction Projects

4:00 pm - Smart Cities and Digital Twins: Exploring the Potential for Urban Planning and Design

DAY TWO - MAY 2nd, 2024

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Digital Construction Australia

10:00 am - The Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning in Digital Construction: Exploring Current Trends and Future Possibilities

11:00 am - Revolutionising Infrastructure and Commercial Projects through 5G and IoT

12:00 pm - The Future of Collaborative Design in Digital Construction

1:00 pm - The Impact of Digital Construction on Construction Quality and Safety: Lessons Learned and Best Practices

2:00 pm - Transforming Construction Culture through Digital Construction: A Focus on People and Processes

3:00 pm - Digital Construction and Building Performance: Maximising Energy Efficiency

10:00 am - Enhancing Collaboration with Digital Tools

11:00 am - Smart Building Management with Digital Twins: A Workshop on Implementation and Best Practices

12:00 pm - Virtual and Augmented Reality in Construction: Applications and Training

1:00 pm - Exploring the Potential of Smart Cities and Digital Twins for Urban Planning and Design

2:00 pm - Smart Cities and Building Performance: Leveraging Digital Twins for Sustainable Development

3:00 pm - Digital Twins for Energy Management in Smart Buildings