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27 Jun 2022

Transport for NSW Develops New Land Use Tool to Help Project Planning

Transport for NSW Develops New Land Use Tool to Help Project Planning

A new land use website that Transport for NSW has created to assist developers learn more about rules when planning projects that interface with roads, rails, and waterways.

Road classifications, details on which agency is in charge of each type of road, fact sheets, and guidance on doing roadwork during a project are among the resources available on the website linked to roads.

There includes information regarding delegated rail authorities, utility supply authorities, and essential contacts for developers whose projects may have an influence on the train network.

Additionally, information is available for developers to use when putting forwards projects that might affect the waterways of Sydney Harbour and its tributaries, as well as Botany Bay, Newcastle Harbour, and Port Kembla Harbour.

When developing a project with potential effects on transportation networks, developers could save time and money by having the right information on hand, according to Damien Pfeiffer, director of development services for land use.

“The aim of this new online tool is to direct developers to resources that will help prepare their application before submitting it for approval through the Planning New South Wales Portal,” Mr Pfeiffer said.  

“There are a range of regulations regarding roads, rail and waterways that developments must adhere to and it’s easy to miss a step or make an error that could result in their application being delayed or even rejected, and no one wants that. 

“We work every day with project proponents, and we hope the webpage will foster even greater collaboration between developers, councils and Transport for NSW during the early stages to help achieve the best possible outcomes. 

“Last year, more than $6 billion capital investment value in development applications were assessed by Transport’s Regional and Outer Metropolitan Development Services team along with more than $33 billion in State Significant Developments and Infrastructure. 

“This website is one tool Transport is using to help these applications move through the assessment process smoothly and efficiently as we look to keep the economy moving given the COVID-19 related impacts of recent years and will continually evolve.” 

Check out the developer planning webpage here