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20 Jan 2023

A Second Proposed Over-Station Construction Over Sydney’s Metro

A Second Proposed Over-Station Construction Over Sydney’s Metro

Sydney Metro has submitted a proposal to the City of Sydney for an over-station development on Hunter Street in the commercial heart of Sydney’s CBD.

The Hunter Street Metro Planning Proposal comprises two concurrent state significant development applications (Hunter Street East and Hunter Street West), which include establishing an integrated commercial, retail and station development above Hunter Street Station, design by FJMT Studio.

The concept plan submitted on 5 December 2022 reveal two station entrances (east and west) connected by an underground cavern under Hunter Street, over which will sit two integrated over-station development (OSD) buildings.

Sydney Trains services at Wynyard and Martin Place, as well as the new Martin Place stations for Sydney Metro and Southwest, will all be easily accessible from the over-station building, according to Sydney Metro.

The new office skyscrapers that will be integrated into the future public transportation hub are proposed to have their building height and floor space ratio increased. The maximum building height and gross floor space that Sydney Metro is requesting approval for is 58 stories and 84,287 square meters, respectively.
“This planning proposal is consistent with the Central Sydney planning strategy, which allows increased building density and heights in suitable locations while protecting public spaces,” Sydney Metro said.

The state-listed old Skinner Family Hotel building would be renovated as part of the construction of the office towers above Sydney Metro West Hunter Street station. According to the application, the created form of the towers would respond to the noteworthy pieces of local history and the "rhythm" of the neighboring structures.

With nine additional underground stations, the Sydney Metro West line will connect Westmead with the Sydney CBD at Hunter Street station.

On Monday, January 30, 2023, the consultation period for the Hunter Street Metro planning plans for the east and west entrances closes.

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