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14 Nov 2019

Flammable Cladding found on MCG, Government Reveals

Flammable Cladding found on MCG, Government Reveals

Flammable cladding has been found on the Melbourne Cricket Ground, the government has revealed.

The Victorian Parliament on Tuesday night was debating the government's program to rectify dangerous cladding on hundreds of high-risk buildings.

About 1100 properties, including hundreds of apartment buildings across Victoria, have been identified as having flammable cladding, but the government has continually refused to release the list, citing arson and other safety concerns.

In Parliament, state Labor MP Jaclyn Symes said a small amount of cladding had been identified on the northern stand of the venue.

"I am advised that the MCG has been assessed on numerous occasions. A small amount of cladding has been identified," she said.

Ms Symes said stadiums across Victoria, including Kardinia Park in Geelong and Marvel Stadium, have also been assessed numerous times and have been deemed safe to occupy.

Removal of any cladding at public stadiums does not fall under the government's recently announced $600 million rectification program, she said.

"They are not part of the government rectification program. They are not deemed risky; they are not deemed dangerous," she said.

"The MCG, as appropriate with many stadiums, as I have learned today, undertake long-term rectification works, and I assume that this is something that they are looking at as a responsible entity for that venue."

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