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25 Aug 2017

Construction sector continues to grow in NSW

Construction sector continues to grow in NSW

Under the active activity in home building and reasonably strong civil sector; recruitment outfit Hays says the building sector will create more employment opportunities. Australia's construction industry remains one of the country's strongest economic drivers; with continued staffing demand and vacancy activity- although levels of activity do vary based on location; the report read.

In general; the demand for residential dwellings remain high and consequently the supply and demand ration has tipped in favour of Project Managers; Construction Manager and Contract Administrators.

New South Wales is taking the lead; where Hays says strong pipeline of residential; office and retail projects and school and hospital refurbishments are boosting the economic growth in the city. NSW civil market is expected to strengthen with the establishment of the projects; such as the Sydney Metro; Sydney Light Rail and Parramatta Light rail move. Australian Capital Territory also delivers strong market performance where the salaries are rising with the major projects; such as the $700 million light rail project and residential work. A strong civil market is driven by land releases; subdivision and road duplications; while the residential markets are promoted by town houses and small unit developments. Victoria is taking up with general commercial; residential apartments; aged care and education facilities. In Queensland; Brisbane shows strength in the domestic market with a number of land releases. Retail upgrades and school packages are also reported to boosting the commercial sector. In total; the construction sector has reached an employment of 1.0996 million and 22;400 jobs were created last year.