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18 Oct 2017

Commuter concourse in Central Station

Commuter concourse in Central Station
At the top of the agenda for revamping Australia's busiest train station is the addition of a major commuter concourse. Approximately 270;000 people enter and exit Central Station every weekday; and it is a hotspot for connecting underground lines. In light of Sydney's new light rail line opening in 2019; transport authorities are stressing the importance of improving traffic flow for commuters. The government announced plans to develop Central Walk; which will be a 19-metre wide pedestrian concourse under platforms 16 to 23. In addition; there will be a new entrance from Chalmers Street. The City of Sydney Council says that there is growing demand from passengers to access the western side of the station. As such; there will need to be a western section leading to Central Walk from various platforms. A report on Central Walk claims that the design of the new underground concourse can accommodate an extension to the west of the metro platforms. "These works [for a western concourse] are suited to being progressed as a separate project in the future. This would also allow additional time to identify the optimal solution for the west concourse and western entry;" it states. The construction of Central Walk will begin late-2018 and will span three years. The YHA has demanded that construction works do to not take place from 9pm to 9am as it might disrupt their guests and prevent them from getting a "good night's sleep". In aim to limit major disruption; Transport for NSW states that "substantial construction activities" would need to happen outside of busy hours.