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14 Jan 2020

An Incite into Australia's Most famous Interior Designers

An Incite into Australia's Most famous Interior Designers
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 Minimalist vs Modernist: Style equals money and money encourages a different approach in styles. This is an argument that is forever going on in a vastly changing urban environment. 

Australian interior designers and their associated design companies and decor have always had their work cut out for them.

Perhaps nowhere in the world is this more prevalent than in a country whose settlers were and are (for the most part) in a land so foreign in every way, thus creating a familiar environment was a vital part of normalizing to current life.

Today Australia celebrates its most famous interior designers with almost celebrity-like statuses, with their innovative ideas in demand in both the residential and the commercial market sectors.

Top Australian interior designers are an interesting and complicated element in the launch of any future multi-million dollar developments, as seen by the launch of such projects as Gurners’s St Moritz development in Melbourne, which has become synonymous with the design of the much-revered designer David Hicks.

No longer are they labelled as "just talented artists", people in interior design Australia have become famous designers, with a huge social media following and clear celebrity status.

Darren Palmer, who is one of the best interior designers Australia has produced, is a household name within the industry and a commercial entity in himself.

Famous interior designers are also a major part of the leisure industry with stars such as décor by George Lavissianis style has left an indelible mark as he is integral to a restaurant’s success with his series of hats are next to the listing.

The annual Australian Interior Design Awards are a celebration of décor, style and the best companies in the business with entrants from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth competing across a range of categories designed to illustrate various strengths – and ultimately all their timely successes over the years.

Of course, there are international awards, such as the IDA awards, whose range expands to include fashion, architectural achievements and graphic design elements amongst others. Therefore creating a wider range of innovation, understanding and bringing global eyes to the events throughout. 

But it is the magazines such as "Architectural Digest"  and "Vogue Living" that make and break the super celebrities in design. The likes of Kelly Wearstler and Jean-Louis Deniot grace the pages of the AD 100 list regularly. 

 Minimalist vs Modern is often the argument one makes today. They say too much of a good thing is bad. However, what if it is in style and season? Style, it is almost rude to say, equals money, and money it is fair to say encourages style.

Money, after all, makes the world go round.