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18 Aug 2022

$78 Million Mixed-use Development Plan Filed for Botany Bay

$78 Million Mixed-use Development Plan Filed for Botany Bay

Sydney developers are planning an eight-storey, 104-room hotel on a beachfront site in Ramsgate, overlooking Botany Bay.

The $78-million mixed-use development application now before the Bayside Council envisages a three-storey podium and four-storey hotel, all on top of a rebuilt Coles supermarket, other retail, and food and drink facilities.

Ciaran Goodman’s Sydney-based Bronxx is behind the hotel development. The award-winning developer-builder has made its name in the past decade with luxury apartments, mostly in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

On the corner of The Grand Parade and Ramsgate Road in front of Ramsgate Beach, roughly 15 km south of Sydney's central business district, the hotel will be constructed over eight adjacent lots with a combined area of 4479 sq m.

Director Goodman responded to written inquiries by stating that Bronxx will be the site's owner, and that the transaction was anticipated to close at the end of the year.

“We live and work in this area. And as proud locals we at Bronxx are excited to be proposing what will become a magnificent amenity for all of Sydney’s south to enjoy,” Goodman said.

According to the plan, a Coles supermarket that was constructed in 1977 will be torn down and then rebuilt with a little larger, 2900 sq m floorspace on the first floor of the new construction.

Town planners Planning Ingenuity stated that the present supermarket "is of poor architectural design, has reached the end of its economic life, and contributes little to the character of the locality" in a statement of environmental consequences that accompanied the application.

There will be a restaurant, a gym, a spa, office space, additional retail, and a swimming pool on the second podium level. Parking will be available on two basement levels for 204 vehicles.

A recreation space and rooftop garden will include a second pool.

To do that, the developers are pleading with Bayview to relax the city's ban on building to a height of around 10 m over the gazetted level.

The council observed at a meeting in late July that their local environmental plan permitted a height of 20.5m in the region before the application was submitted. The height of the lift overrun will be 31.15 metres, while the main portion of the structure rises to a height of 29.05 metres.

Additionally, the council's regulations permit a gross floor area (GFA) of 8958 square metres. The development is looking for 10,450 square metres of GFA.

The variance was partially due to the necessity for sufficient floor-to-ceiling clearance for a full-line supermarket, which had specific pre-determined requirements, according to Planning Ingenuity in an 11-page report to the council.

“It has been demonstrated that the proposed development sits comfortably with the locality and provides an appropriate built form that is compatible with the varied height of buildings in the locality,” the document said.

The developer has also been urged by Bayside's historical advisor to consider the former Ramsgate Baths, an underground swimming facility that first opened on Botany Bay in 1924. For 45 years before they were demolished, the baths were a popular place for swimming, diving, and socialising.

Planning Ingenuity responded by stating that the project "provide public art that acknowledges the former use of the site by the Ramsgate Baths through an interpretative display."

The ground-floor supermarket business arrangement between Coles and Bronxx was verified, but neither party would comment further.

There is no agreement over potential hotel branding. “While the project is in its early stages, we have not yet entered into any discussions,” Goodman said.

The plan is classified as a regionally significant development with a capital investment value of more than $30 million, and as such, will ultimately be decided by the Sydney Eastern City Planning Panel.